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Kirsten S.


BitOmni did an excellent job helping me remodel my living room. My husband and I bought a fixer-upper in Woodland Hills in 2020 and Moe was so accommodating during such a tough time to be doing construction on our home. He worked with us financially and listen to our design choices every step of the way to make sure we were completely satisfied. Highly recommend going with his service.

Adam W.

Business Owner

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to friends. Our pool started with many problems including a very old and inefficient pump, old filter, thinning copper pipes which were staining the plaster, and a leak in the deep end to name a few. He completely refurbished the pool and all the related infrastructure, more than meeting my needs, patiently giving expert advice. Thanks Moe!

Sarah S.


We hired Moe to install a new tub in our guest bathroom when my mother moved in with us so she get in and out of the shower more easily and out of all the contractors we spoke to, Moe was the most understanding of our situation and gave us a ton of options and helped us figure out which would best fit our needs. It not only simplified my mother’s time in the bathroom, it looks stunning!

James D.


My wife and I moved into our new home recently and the plumbing was going to be quite a long project, but for the right price Moe was able to get the whole thing in less than a week. He did all the pipes in the house and gave me a detailed step by step plan of his materials and methods. I’ve never had such detailed service. I’ve already hired him to redo my patio.

Sarah J.

Business Owner

Moe’s work has been amazing because since he installed a new electrical panel, our electric bill has gone down over 50%. This has to do with his expertise of being able to find the problem and present the solution. In our case the old lights were using way too much power. Now we have LED lighting throughout our house and it’s brighter and we have a major bill reduction. With out panel upgrade we are also ready for solar. Plan to and will hire again. 

Nimesh K.

Business Owner

We had a great year for our restaurant last year and were able to expand into the shop next door and Moe helped us with the demolition and design with great professionalism. We had a certain timeframe we needed the project done in order to maintain good service to our customers and Moe and his team did an amazing job under all the circumstances. Very thankful for his work. Will hire again.

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